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Cassie and Kitse. Two young (18 and 20) sluts straight off the local council estate taking part in their first ever bukkake party. These two street skanks are well known in the ends. Both girls have had pretty much all  the cock in the manor and now they want to try something different – they have had a facial before but they want a face covered in cum from multiple guys, well, that and they want a bit of cash for some booze!

Now these girls are both quite young for a bukkake party, one is 18 and the other 20 but because of their hard lives they both look late 20’s early 30’s but if you’re from an estate you know how life can wear you down and make you look a lot older in years than you really are. Anyway, they do love a bit of cock and spunk to them is like butter cream to us. They lap it up and don’t leave a drop on the plate.

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Chav slag Charlotte is one of the naughtiest sluts you are going to encounter on Kit kittens an this little fire cracker doesn’t need any encouragement when it comes to getting naughty on screen. Dressed in her man UTD tshirt this nasty chav spreads her legs and begins to finger her wet pussy! This chav slag is the perfect girl to get the man U quad pumping balls in the right areas.

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Sexy slut Jessica has just nought some new underwear to go out tonight but wanted some saucy photos taken first to see how she looks. All as she has on her laced panties and  pair of very high black heels. Jessica loves to show off her chav cunt though so it doesn’t take long for her to take her knickers off and start showing that moist gap between her legs. Using a chair as a prope she sits on it, legs open wide, you can see her pretty wet pussy and her elegant calf muscles. Pussy is unshaven and her tits are firm with erect nipples. If she was my Misses I’d have her bent over that table and cock so far up her moist cunt she’d think she was been fucked by a black dude.

Sexy chav Jessica paid to take her clothes off

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Jessica is one of the hottest chavs I’ve seen and boy she knows it. Demanding £100 just to take her top off and show her tits even more to show her chavvy teen pussy, I’m not going to say how much because I’m embarrassed but honestly I just wanted to see it and I’d of paid anything. This chav had total control of me, somehow and I don’t know how because I’m normally strong willed but she used her body to hypnotize me and t hen made me hand over my hard earned cash and for some reason I felt good giving it to her and I’m normally a tight bastard I mean wtf?

Chav slag receives a facial

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Chav from Southend, Essex gets the shit fucked out of her

Nothing like watching  a filthy chav cunt get the shit fucked out of her. My man here don;t hold back on her skinny ass, Jackhammering her tight chav cunt until she squeals with delight.

This chav with her huge oversized fake tits gets fucked in all kinds of positions, this dude knows how to fuck and he put all his moves into action on the day and done himself proud.

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It’s not often you come across a sexy chav Mum who’s as hot as Ash trust me,  I know. Ash is gorgeous and for 55 quid she strips off her and gets her massive low hangers out and her fully shaved pussy.

Ash is wearing sexy white lingerie, laced panties that she normally wouldn’t wear preferring a g-string but I think they suit her. I think she looks best totally nude though, like in the last photo of the set. She says she prefers to be fucked from the back by older men, preferably older men with plenty of money to spend on her.

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Horny slut Jessica teasing in slutty school girl uniform and black boots


Naughty amateur slut Jessica from the North of England can not resist a cheeky picture session and this is her latest one! Dressed in a slutty schoolgirl uniform and fuck me boots this dirty chav is screaming for you to fuck her! Would you?

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Have a peek up chubby Scottish chav Ashley Ryders pink pleated skirt

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The only reason chavs wear short skirts is because they want you to look up their skirt, up at that sexy little thong every time they bend over to tie their AirMax 90’s trainers. Ashley Ryder is a very curvy chav from Scotland with a big fat ass and a small pink pleated skirt and guess what? She only has to bend over a little and you get an up skirt view of her round arse inside a tiny thong, a  thong barely covering her asshole. You can almost see her pussy twitching, calling you to come and fuck it.

Ever been round your mates house and his girlfriend has come floating in wearing a tiny skirt? Well, it’s because she wants you looking, she wants you to go home and wank yourself of while thinking about jack hammering her chav cunt.

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Ashley Ryder knows that her sister has just split up with her boyfriend and Ashley badly wants to fuck him. So she’s put on her short skirt, thong and is determined for him to look up her skirt and catch a glimpse of her hairy pussy, wet, hungry and musty with the  smell of sex and excitement.

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I love nasty chav sluts don’t you? Chav Jayne is one of my favourites at the moment and as you can see she loves flashing her ample tits and nips it turns her on knowing her pervy lecturer loves standing over her and perving at her tits and I know you too won’t be able to keep your eyes of this naughty slut. This sex mad college babe dares you to wank over her? You up for it? Then enjoy this exclusive update of college tease Jayne revealing she isn’t wearing a bra and focus your eyes instantly on those perky tits and nipples.

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